This is a picture of a machine we had in for service. A few months later the customer called and said he couldn't get it started and was difficult to pull the starter. Since the customer let the machine sit a mouse had the time to build a nest inside.  

After pulling it apart we found a mouse nest in the starter-flywheel area which needed to be cleaned out. Something like this is easy for the repair shop to get blamed for bad service since the customer really never used the machine. 

​Most times if the mice are in the engine long enough the mice will start eating the wires.

​Moth balls are a good deterrent for mice

This is what good 2 cycle fuel looks like compared to old fuel. The Good fuel is blue and it turns green when getting old. 

 Using old gas like this can cause a lean running (stalling) engine which will damage the piston and rings.

This is a picture of a new air filter and one we removed while servicing and mower. Customer didn't know why it was running bad.


This is the drives of  snowblowers that  customers have brought in for service, This was caused by mice building nests inside the machine. 

If you have problems with your self drive it could be a grass build up. We clean out the drives when we do Tune Ups.

This is what old gas does to you carburetor.

This carburetor had to be replaced.

SEARS is great for warranty but THIS is not warranty

This is a picture of a riding mower that was in a shed for the winter, causing the starter problem besides others.