There has been times that people say they have warranty but when we file it the company rejects it so Mower Doctor is out of the fund from the warranty labor and parts.

 We have for the last few year been taking a small NON refundable deposit on the work encase the warranty doesn't go through, this way our labor is some what covered.

 Till the warranty is cleared or paid by the manufacture you can pick up your equipment ahead of time by paying the bill balance, we will refund your money when the warranty is paid by cash, credit, check with ever you paid.

Manufactures outside the USA take longer to clear a warranty whereas MTD, Toro, Briggs, Husqvarna, Echo usually cleared in a week or two. Some companies take 30 days so don't be surprised.

Remember Warranties cover DEFECTIVE parts ONLY. They do not cover maintenance.


Black and Decker warranty only pays enough for parts shipping, and $15 towards labor,  customer is responsible for labor balance.