"Stupid" was used just to get your attention

  • ​Dealers as us sell equipment at the same or lower prices then department stores so why would you buy a piece of equipment that wasn't unboxed, set up and tested and find out when you got home it stalls out when you give it gas, parts are missing or broken.
  •  It's "BOX STORE HYPNOTISM". People think it must be a good sale, everyone else is in there so why not me.

The real reason was to familiarize you with costly mistakes you have been making when you purchase or repair equipment.

Customer: I purchased a generator from a Box store, it ran great last year and once this year. Now I start it and it gives out no electric. Dealer: We checked the machine and found the stator windings are open so you need a new part which comes from China and is on back order plus you need to pay for the repair, this generator only had  a 90 day warranty. How much did you save?

Customer: I bought a lawnmower and I used it for 5 minutes then stalled, now I can't pull the cord. Dealer: Did you check the oil at least two times before running. Customer: I pulled out the dipstick and oil was on it. Dealer: that because oil gets bounced around during transporting, you need to check it a few times while cleaning the dipstick.Now you may need a new engine so how much did you save?

Customer:I bought a blower and it stalls when I give it gas. Dealer:that's because it wasn't adjusted correctly at the factory. So now you had to waste time coming in for repair and possibly doing hidden damage to the blower because you were running it lean. So now it may die after the warranty is up.

Customer: I purchased a blade at a Home center, I think it fit but when I start it, it made a clanking noise, now I pull the cord and it snaps back. Dealer: The blade you purchased was most likely a universal blade which you thought would work, since the engine has a timing key it probably broke from the engine trying to start with a loose fitting blade. Your next step is  to get the correct blade and have the timing repaired, so how much did you save?

​​Customer: I purchased a single stage snowblower on line and the handle is bent, I called the company and they said it is warranty. Dealer: actually it is not warranty, the shipped need to be contacted so you can request a damage report. They need to pay for the repair, not the manufacturer.

Customer: I had my snowblower repaired by another service center that replaced my auger belt last year, do I need one every year? Dealer: The answer is no,. The  snowblower had the wrong belt put on it. Did you have it at a real equipment shop or a place trying to fix things. Do you have the receipt. Customer: Yes, this is it. Dealer: Ok ,this is a garden center. They charged you a lot of money and put the wrong belt on. The belt they put on is a common belt, you needed a fractional, that's why it didn't last. Since we are an authorized service center we will put the correct belt on.

We are a warranty center for many products and equipment so we deal with the people that have some of these problems that could have been avoided. Always investigate new equipment places for service before you buy, some equipment brands are not available.

 These are some, more to follow.